• Tippmann TCR Magfed Paintball Gun

The all new Tippmann TCR Magfed Paintball Gun is designed as a versatile, reliable and affordable magfed option for the serious paintball player. The four key features of the TCR include a versatile magazine system that uses three mags, two potential air sources, a compact modular design and the ability to convert into a standard hopper feed marker. The TCR is built on the already successful TiPX platform and utilizes the First Strike compatible Tru-Feed 7-Ball magazine, and the Tru-Feed 12-ball extended magazine.  A unique, easy access cam-locking system which is hidden behind Picatinny rails allows for one handed loading of 12g CO2 cartridges  from the left or right side of the gun. In addition, the TCR also comes with a new factory installed drop-down remote-line adapter and 11" high performance barrel. The unique features do not stop there! The design also features a modular stock for future upgrades like an air in-stock design. Folding front and rear sights along with a folding front grip help make the TCR a comfortable, easy to aim platform. The TCR has an incredibly realistic look that can be customized by taking advantage of four Picatinny rails and multiple modular components. With the ability to switch between hopper fed or magfed, the TCR will be one of the most versatile paintball guns on the field. 


  • Low Profile Design
  • Multiple Modular Components
  • Hopper or Magfed
  • Two Potential AirSources
  • Drop Down Remote Line Adapter
  • 11" High Performance Barrel
  • Side Loading 12g CO2 Design
  • Modular Stock
  • Flip Up Sights
  • Folding Grip
  • Four Picatinny Rails
  • 7-Ball Magazine Included
  • 12-Ball Extended Magazine Included
  • 2 Year Parts Warranty
  • A5 Threads

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Tippmann TCR Magfed Paintball Gun

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